• Image of Muteki Super Tuner Lug Nuts

Muteki, translated as "No Equal" and is an extreme performance street lug nut. These lightweight lug nuts offer extra security from its compact size and grid locking system. Muteki SR35 lug nuts are made from cold-forged 1008 steel which allows the nut to be smaller and lighter, but strength to match or exceed other standard nut specs. Made in Japan.


Includes 20 black open ended lug nuts + 1 socket key adapter.
Compact size 20mm x 21mm to fit most tuner wheels w/small lug holes
Lightweight construction. Each nut weighs 25grams vs. typical nut (60grams)

Available Thread Pitches

12 x 1.50 - Honda, Acura, Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Mazda, Mitsubishi
12 x 1.25 - Nissan, Subaru, Scion FRS